Why Rent ???
If you are looking to improve your business bottom line, then rent equipment from sun fluid power. we rent and sell the top name brands in efficiency. by renting with sun fluid power you instantly have all the advantages of using premium equipment with none of the responsibilities of ownership.
Top 12 Reasons for Renting:
1. Control expense
Renting provides significant savings over buying, so you can improve your bottom line.
2. Inventory control
Sun fluid power can provide the extra equipment you need, when you need it, so you keep your equipment inventory at a minimum.
3. The right for the job
Rental lets you fit the type and size of equipment to the job for economy and safety.
4. 24/7 customer care
Day or night, you can reach us dedicated customer care representative they will be able to resolve any problem quickly.
5. Save on storage/warehousing
You can significantly reduce your costs by eliminating the need for large equipment storage areas and buildings.
6. Reduce down Time
If equipment breaks down, we handle it efficiently so your crew can keep working. plus you can say ”good bye” to repair costs.
7. No costly repairs or up keep
We can take care of the maintenance on the equipment. So you won’t need a repair shop. Spare parts inventory mechanics, or extra staff to take care of inventory maintenance records.
8. Save disposal costs
You won’t need to spend the time and money preparing, advertising, and selling used equipment.
9. Cost control
Renting lets you simplify your bidding and billing, so you have just one accountable cost-the rental.
10. Equipment tracking
The presence of continuous billing on rented equipments keep it top of mind and establishes personal accountability.
11.less Hassel with licenses
Save time and gain peace of mind associated with equipment licensing and registration costs and paper work.
12. Conserve capital
Rent the equipment you need and use your capital for other, potentially more profitable, ventures.
Rsc equipment rental rents and sells the top name brands in efficiency. We strive to provide a current fleet, so you can be sure you are receiving quality, well maintained equipment.
If you need a specific tool for a specific job …………… don’t buy it rent it.
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